This website contains my portfolio of work I have done in the past as well as projects in progress. On this site, you can view my resume, writings, graphics, news appearances and other media. Thank you for visiting!


Email me: dan.j.majewski@gmail.com


More about me: 

Cities are for people, not cars.

Choice is freedom. Resilient cities allow every citizen, no matter the age or ability, to safely and easily move through space using whatever mode is desired. I use my skills and interests to improve our built environment, with a focus on safety for vulnerable road users such as people on bikes, on foot and using public transit. I am involved in multiple projects and initiatives which fall under this umbrella.

I have served on five boards with organizations who advocate for safer, more complete communities. Through my blog and ten social media pages and platforms, my ideas and content reach 20,000+ people on an average week.

I am passionate about creating urban places and spaces where people can live happy and healthy lives. The need and ability to transform our cities has never been greater.

Imagine our streets filled with people walking, riding and playing together. Let’s work together to make our cities safer, healthier and more fun!

#MovePeople #Places4People

Do you have work that needs to be done? Send me an email and let’s work together: dan.j.majewski@gmail.com