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Critical mass ride, Albuquerque
Critical mass ride, Albuquerque – UrbanABQ is a collaborative conversational space featuring articles written by me and others on the topics of transportation policy, tactical urbanism and more in the Albuquerque metro area. The website contains the majority of articles I have written. Check out our vibrant Facebook page here.

THOUGHTS: Posts from my old Blogger page and new posts as well.  Topics covered include transit, bicycling, policy, technology, advocacy and more. Visit my old Blogger page: Urban Transport Revolution.

Article about Levitated Toy Factory, Local iQ
Article about Levitated Toy Factory, Local iQ

Local iQ – This magazine delivered relevant and engaging editorial coverage of local cultural events, people and places throughout the Albuquerque and Santa Fe areas.

  • Six Steps Towards a Better Burque for Bike Enthusiasts, 7/30/13 – This editorial I wrote was a part of a Local iQ special bicycle issue.
  • Renewing Downtown, 8/21/14 – This collaborative cover story featured various new and interesting urban renewal projects happening in and around Downtown Albuquerque.  My contributions can be found on the bottom, titled “A Walking and Biking Haven” and “Convention Center & Civic Plaza”.
  • Fabricating the Future, 9/4/14 – This was an article about Levitated Toy Factory, a unique business leading a modern industrial revolution in Downtown Albuquerque.