A Day of Action – the Future of Urban Albuquerque?

Join us at our first ever Urban Albuquerque Action Forum! We invite you to sign-up as a co-host by filling out the form at the bottom of the page and commenting as well! Being a co-host simply means that you will: Join us at the Action Forum  You will invite others to join us as… Continue reading A Day of Action – the Future of Urban Albuquerque?

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The Last Post

It has been many week since I have written a post. This is due to a variety of reasons. I am currently working as an intern at the United States Senate. I am involved in variety of projects and activities related to a variety of topics. My primary focus has been active transportation in relation… Continue reading The Last Post

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Free Spaces Make for Protest Places

Gathering space for people is important for human society. Take the example of Puerta del Sol in Madrid, Spain. I spent a fair amount of time in this incredible space just a few months ago. It is truly the Sol ~ soul of the entire country. Every road radiates outward from this point to places… Continue reading Free Spaces Make for Protest Places

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Video: "Complete Streets"

In my writings, I frequently mention terms such as “walkability”, “livability”, mode share”, “bus rapid transit”, bike friendly” and “transit oriented”. Some of you may know what they mean and maybe you’ve heard them before. However, even if you do know what they mean, it is hard to visualize these words. It is difficult to… Continue reading Video: "Complete Streets"

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A Better 4th Ave: Bike Boulevard Scenario Final Project

4th Ave. and Elm St. When I watch people bike around the nationally recognized bicycle friendly campus at the University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona, I see people biking slow, biking fast, wearing flip-flops, talking on cellphones, talking to friends, etc. Some people would identify this as “bad biking behavior”; I see it as something… Continue reading A Better 4th Ave: Bike Boulevard Scenario Final Project

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Understanding Bus Rapid Transit

Conversations about mass transit frequently dissolve into a debate about “bus vs. train.” Jared Walker from Human Transit talks extensively about this problem here. He also talks about specific differences between bus and rail transit and provides easy to read charts here. To give a very brief summary of his posts, the perception of rail… Continue reading Understanding Bus Rapid Transit