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Book Review: "Joyride" by Mia Birk

I recently finished reading a great book titled “Joyride: Pedaling Toward a Healthier Planet” by Mia Birk. Who is Mia Birk? Mia Birk is the current CEO at Alta Planning + Design, a consulting company that works with various local governmental agencies across America to create safe streets for all users, especially bicyclists and pedestrians.… Continue reading Book Review: "Joyride" by Mia Birk

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Tuesday Night Community Bike Ride

On the evening of April 5, I participated in the Tuesday Night Community Bike Ride for the first time. This ride, in one form or another, has been occuring for years. In the past, it has appeared in the local news, receiving both positive and negative press. I had known about the existence of it… Continue reading Tuesday Night Community Bike Ride

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All Things Tucson, Tech and Transport

Much has occurred in the past couple weeks since my previous post. 1. Cyclovia Tucson 2011. The event was amazing and everything operated very well. The estimated turn out was 10,000 people. I worked at an information booth on 4th Ave. and 30th St. I do not frequently spend time in South Tucson so it… Continue reading All Things Tucson, Tech and Transport

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Recent Developments: Back in Tucson and the Living Streets Alliance

NOTE: This was a post I had started a few months back before spring semester commenced. Since then, things have become infinitely more busy. However, now I have a better idea of the direction I want to move in. This post is a combination of the old material I had previously written and newer updates… Continue reading Recent Developments: Back in Tucson and the Living Streets Alliance

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This is a long post. However, you should still skim through it because it is in easy to read outline format! This is basically my structured methodology about how to create an actual transportation revolution, one street at a time. So, here it is: Key to a Social Revolution: Transportation EquityTransportation equity follows one basic… Continue reading MANIFESTO