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Video: "Complete Streets"

In my writings, I frequently mention terms such as “walkability”, “livability”, mode share”, “bus rapid transit”, bike friendly” and “transit oriented”. Some of you may know what they mean and maybe you’ve heard them before. However, even if you do know what they mean, it is hard to visualize these words. It is difficult to… Continue reading Video: "Complete Streets"

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Road Diets + Streetfilms and the Streetsblog Network

When I am having conversations with people about “complete streets” or “road diets”, I sometimes wish I had Streetfilms videos on me at all times. Streetfilms is a part of the massive national alternative transportation blog network, Streetsblog. This giant blogging network had humble beginnings in New York City in 2006. It was created by… Continue reading Road Diets + Streetfilms and the Streetsblog Network