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Summary: City Council Meeting Regarding Transit Fare Increases

On April 12, I attended a City Council meeting hearing where SunTran transit fare increases were being voted upon. The reason for a fare increase in the first place was a decline in SunTran funding –> a result of City of Tucson cuts –> a result of the Great Recession. Basically, it came down to… Continue reading Summary: City Council Meeting Regarding Transit Fare Increases


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Tucson Transit Task Force and Imagine Greater Tucson: Methods of Shaping Our Future

April 6: First Tucson Transit Task Force Meeting – I met with small group of people from the Living Streets Alliance and from other local groups to brainstorm a strategy for addressing issues of transit funding, expansion and awareness. I learned much about the history of transit in Tucson, from the relationships between the various… Continue reading Tucson Transit Task Force and Imagine Greater Tucson: Methods of Shaping Our Future

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Rethinking the Automobile: Communal Carsharing

American transportation, and especially “alternative” and “sustainable” transportation, is sometimes framed in a black and white, “car vs. everyone else” context. This type of framing is especially prevalent among certain portions of the population that only uses single occupancy vehicles to travel around. Since single occupancy vehicles use the majority of public road space, some… Continue reading Rethinking the Automobile: Communal Carsharing

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All Things Tucson, Tech and Transport

Much has occurred in the past couple weeks since my previous post. 1. Cyclovia Tucson 2011. The event was amazing and everything operated very well. The estimated turn out was 10,000 people. I worked at an information booth on 4th Ave. and 30th St. I do not frequently spend time in South Tucson so it… Continue reading All Things Tucson, Tech and Transport

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The Central Avenue Corridor, Albuquerque, NM

In my GEOG 416E geovisualization class, we recently completed a lab. The premise of this lab was based on comparing the properties of Google Map/Google Earth vs. ArcGIS as geovisualization tools. For my project, I decided to do a cultural and spatial interpretation of the Central Avenue corridor in Albuquerque from a urban planning perspective.… Continue reading The Central Avenue Corridor, Albuquerque, NM

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New Title, New Vision, New Ideas

Here I am, back again. I have not written in a very long time. This is due to the fact that I am in España (Spain)! I will be in Europe until early January and then return to the University of Arizona for one and a half more semesters. The first item I would like… Continue reading New Title, New Vision, New Ideas

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Goodbye ABQ Ride, Hola España

I have not posted for a long time. This has been due to the fact that I have been extremely busy working at the ABQ Ride offices and preparing to study abroad in Alcala de Henares, España. This summer, I had a paid internship at ABQ Ride. During my time there, I managed to accomplish… Continue reading Goodbye ABQ Ride, Hola España

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The Layers of NYC

Yesterday, I spent the day touring New York City. I saw many interesting bits of urbanism, from the World Trade Center construction site (which, after years of delays, is finally being reconstructed) to the High Line (an old raised urban railroad that has now been turned into a spectacular park/public space). New York City is… Continue reading The Layers of NYC

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Capping Freeways vs. Taking Them Out: Lessons from the Big Dig

Today, I spent a lot of time ambling around a recently built park in Boston. It is called the Rose Kennedy Greenway, and it is a nice public space. It is diverse, containing fountains, benches, flowers, lawns, long walkways and sculptures. The greenway is surrounded by densely populated areas, providing a green space for many… Continue reading Capping Freeways vs. Taking Them Out: Lessons from the Big Dig