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Video: "Complete Streets"

In my writings, I frequently mention terms such as “walkability”, “livability”, mode share”, “bus rapid transit”, bike friendly” and “transit oriented”. Some of you may know what they mean and maybe you’ve heard them before. However, even if you do know what they mean, it is hard to visualize these words. It is difficult to… Continue reading Video: "Complete Streets"

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A European Hill Town in Southern Arizona

Bisbee, Arizona is a unique town. According to local lore, a century ago, Bisbee was the largest city between St. Louis and San Francisco. Built on mining, it was also very wealthy. It followed the same pattern as many American mining towns: the mine closed and the city began to dissolve. However, Bisbee was saved… Continue reading A European Hill Town in Southern Arizona

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This is a long post. However, you should still skim through it because it is in easy to read outline format! This is basically my structured methodology about how to create an actual transportation revolution, one street at a time. So, here it is: Key to a Social Revolution: Transportation EquityTransportation equity follows one basic… Continue reading MANIFESTO

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New Title, New Vision, New Ideas

Here I am, back again. I have not written in a very long time. This is due to the fact that I am in España (Spain)! I will be in Europe until early January and then return to the University of Arizona for one and a half more semesters. The first item I would like… Continue reading New Title, New Vision, New Ideas

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I have just completed my short five day stay in Madrid, España and am now in Alcala de Henares to begin my actual studies. Though I usually write about transportation, I am interested in anything remotely related to urban form and development and this topic is definitely related. During my adventures through Madrid (by foot… Continue reading ART or GRAFFITI?

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The Urban Solution vs. the Rural Solution: The Internal Conflict Within the Green Movement

When environmentalists talk about the sustainability/green movement, many times you hear two different solutions: Solution #1One side discusses the benefits of urban density. Everyone must live in dense walkable areas that stimulate community connectivity. We need to reduce automobile dependence by living close to most of our daily services and ideally, close to our jobs… Continue reading The Urban Solution vs. the Rural Solution: The Internal Conflict Within the Green Movement