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New Title, New Vision, New Ideas

Here I am, back again. I have not written in a very long time. This is due to the fact that I am in España (Spain)! I will be in Europe until early January and then return to the University of Arizona for one and a half more semesters. The first item I would like… Continue reading New Title, New Vision, New Ideas

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The Layers of NYC

Yesterday, I spent the day touring New York City. I saw many interesting bits of urbanism, from the World Trade Center construction site (which, after years of delays, is finally being reconstructed) to the High Line (an old raised urban railroad that has now been turned into a spectacular park/public space). New York City is… Continue reading The Layers of NYC

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Beantown: Urban Form and Function

Density: The part of Boston I am staying in (Back Bay) is quite dense, especially compared to the rest of the United States. This makes sense as Boston is one of the oldest American cities. It is also very diverse and educated, being home to a massive number of universities. The city itself is different… Continue reading Beantown: Urban Form and Function

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Land Use AND Transportation: The Importance of Understanding the Connection

Sometimes, when people discuss transit and transportation, they discuss the issues of transportation as if they were separate from land use policy and zoning. The truth is, these two things are linked very closely. For example, if you wanted to walk or bike to the store from your house, would you be more likely to… Continue reading Land Use AND Transportation: The Importance of Understanding the Connection

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What Kind of Neighborhoods Do Americans Want?

All day, I read blogs and studies citing the importance of progressive planning policy. These articles discuss all the benefits of creating developments that are walkable and “New Urbanist” in nature. I do not disagree with any of these statements or opinions. In fact, I agree with the vast majority of them. These are not… Continue reading What Kind of Neighborhoods Do Americans Want?